Book Review: Passengers on the Journey by L. Provan Parrott

Passengers on the Journey

1950’s tales for baby boomers & others

Written & illustrated by L. Provan Parrott

Published by Colac Herald 2013 RRP $20

 DSC08783 DSC08784 DSC09015

A boutique gift book, fresh as the morning & sent to awaken the heart.

Life experiences become part of who we are, but it is how we choose to deal with them that renders us either wise or disenchanted.

Lynette Provan Parrott is one of those fortunate writers who can tap into the very early memories of childhood. This sweet little book of nostalgic vignettes spans the author’s life from toddler to early primary school years and is a balm to the soul. In this present day full of busyness and high tech intrusions into every day life and concerns, it is refreshing and uplifting to journey through these memories full of a child’s naïve wonder at the world. The issues of fear and loss are not avoided but are recalled with a deft lightness of hand and from the child’s point of view rather than hindsight. This almost pocket sized book is written in a poetic style with sensual references to the myriad of smells, sounds and colour that enriched and expanded Lynette’s world in the rural east of Melbourne. People of a similar age will relate to the now termed ‘vintage’ world of choo choo bars and smocked frocks. Lynnette states that she wrote the book with a purpose. She hopes it will open the hearts of readers and trigger childhood memories that have hitherto lain forgotten. The book is beautifully produced with charming illustrations and would make a lovely gift.

Lynette Provan Parrott is a local writer and artist and some of her artwork is for sale at Gellibrand River Gallery. Cards and books are also for sale at Blaines in Colac and Galapados Bookstore in Apollo Bay .

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