Otway Writers – Apollo Bay Arts Community Project

Warm Winter Words Book 2:

Otway Writers – Apollo Bay Arts Community Project


Funded by the Shire and the Regional Arts Fund Otway Writers includes contributions from 42 writers of all ages.

Produced by the Apollo Bay Arts Council, this book follows the successful publication of Warm Winter Words in 2000.

“We trust the prose and poetry chosen for ‘Otway Writers’ will transport you from the sometimes harsh reality to the world of the Human Heart, Natural World and Journeys.”

Sunday Lyndi Whalen

Bird call

Silent tread

Children’s laughter overhead

Running feet and water too

Down the track ahead of you

Squelching feet in leaves of mush

Mother Earth her skin so lush

Climb her steady track is worn

Blackberry threatens sharpened thorn

Bull ant rears an angry claw

Then scurries for a bracken door

Track it changes open room

Nature’s wonders in full bloom

Birds in the air

Stones on the sand

Fish in the water

We’re one with the land.





Otway Writers books are available from Galapagos Bookshop, the Newsagency and Visitor Information Centre, Apollo Bay.

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