Otways Autumn Fungi Workshop

  Otways Autumn Fungi Workshop

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Southern Otways Landcare Network – SOLN – are once again hosting Alison Pouliot to deliver yet more fungi training. This year Alison will be building on the skills and knowledge already in the community and hosting a site survey and field identification day. Cost will be $75 a head and we will be asking people to bring their own lunch and car pool it for the field trip to keep costs down. Details below:


Workshop – Discovering the Fungi of the Southern Otways.

May 3, 10.30 – 4.30.


Why are the Southern Otways such a fungal hotspot? What fungal species grow in these biodiverse environments? How do fungi contribute to the health and resilience of local forests?


Fungi perform vital functions in all terrestrial ecosystems yet comparatively little is known about the distribution of Australian fungi. The majority of fungal species are still unknown and undescribed. The Southern Otways provides an incredible diversity of habitats where new fungi are likely to be recorded.


This largely field-based workshop builds on participants’ knowledge from previous workshops in discovering, surveying and recording fungi of the Southern Otways. Participants will learn techniques for identifying, surveying and documenting fungi during an exiting foray in local forests. Following the field foray we will spend time classifying, discussing and preparing specimens. Data collected during the workshop will make a vital contribution to national databases including Fungimap and the Living Atlas of Australia.


Please book ASAP to libby.landcare@soln.org or 5237 6904


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