Shizu Broomfield – Proud to Call Forrest Home



Shizu Broomfield – Proud to Call Forrest Home


From Tokyo (pop.13 m) to Forrest (pop.160) is a quantum leap in anyone’s book. But for Shizu Broomfield it is a leap into a life full of hope for the future, love, light and laughter. After meeting her future husband, Andrew, in Japan, there followed several years of a long distance relationship while Shizu continued to pursue her career as a London recording coordinator in Tokyo (travelling between the two cities regularly) and at the same time competing as a freestyle snowboarder, with her own sponsors, on the weekends.

Travelling to Australia to meet up with Andrew, she fell in love with The Otways where he was living at that time.

I thought: this is great place to bring up kids.

Making the transition from the harried world of a densely populated country like Japan, to the sparse, wide land of Australia was a challenge Shizu was more than ready for.

After living in different places in the Otways including Barwon Downs and Barongarook, the Broomfields decided to build their cob house and clinic in the township of Forrest.

Forrest is wonderful place, school is fabulous, surrounded by beautiful bush for walks and ride bikes, some amazing places to swim and dive, and beautiful beaches to surf in are less than an hour away.

Life is now still just as busy, with two active sons, Kai (10 yrs and Joe (7yrs), a Chinese Medicine Practice, bee keeping, building a home and being a valued member of the roller derby team, Otway Derby Dolls, (her team name is “B Sting”), but Shizu wouldn’t trade places with anyone.


Throughout the struggle of living and raising children in isolated and

inconvenient place, I have faced so many of difficult times. But I have met some people giving me help or supporting me doesn’t matter who I am, that is treasure to me. In a small community things change by dynamics of each single residence, it’s not someone else but it is about me, or you that complete the picture of puzzle.


Shizu has a found a community where there is always a helping hand should you need it, where people work together to help achieve each other’s goals such as the fortnightly working bees whereby three households take turns working on each other’s home builder projects.

And best thing is whether you have car trouble in the middle of nowhere or you’re struggling having babies in isolated place, and this has happened to me, I have been amazed that people have turned up, sometimes strangers, and to offer help and support. I am hoping I can contribute to this little community too. I believe a community is made by the people in it.



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