Deb Chant – Artist from Birregurra and Beyond…

DSC_0007 3DSC_0176 2

Deb Chant – Birregurra Artist

What/who has inspired your art?


Since childhood I have loved the colours and patterns of Aboriginal Arts & Crafts.

Then when I was 16 we watched and studied the script of Ingmar Bergman’s film ‘Wild Strawberries’ at school. The imagery and atmosphere had a huge impact on me visually and lead me into the world of Art House and International movies, and later to study the Dada movement at art school.


Why do you live in Birregurra?


Sometimes when returning home from a family day at Lorne we would drive through Birregurra and I would imagine the silhouette of the church steeple and trees along the river was what England looked like. I felt an attraction to the town and settled here when I came back from living in Perth. It was then I realized my great, great grandfather ‘Brickie Pell’ had lived here and built the local historic homes Elliminook, Brae, Ripple Vale and the Native Youth (now Birregurra 1865).


What are you currently working on?


At the moment I am working on a video project documenting my interest in local handmade crafts/occupations, and a Street Art photographic project I have been working on for the past decade. My work can be viewed on my or my youtube channel Debra Chant.


DSC_0069  image0078 image0262 Twelve Apostles Willows 3.Melanesia

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