Escape to Forrest – an intimate tryst for earnest lovers








Elopement: “To run away with a lover to be married”



3aa341f7758373f8ecea45a584ab066d-1   Oh yes it does!!




Elopements are becoming more frequent in Australia as couples are favouring this low-key, informal and affordable option of marrying their beloved. In days of yore, and we’re thinking Gretna Green in Scotland in past centuries, elopements evoked images of hasty, clandestine ceremonies. Today’s elopements have been re-imagined into romantic trysts in enchanting settings.



Some of the reasons for modern day elopements include: wanting to keep the ceremony private and intimate so couples can focus entirely on each other, preferring to save money to buy a home instead of a lavish wedding, second marriages where they had the big thing first time round, or simply not wanting a long engagement but still do something special.





What better place to elope to than Forrest, that little hamlet nestled in the heart of the Otways? It is the perfect getaway destination for couples who want to marry in a way that is meaningful, profound and that uniquely expresses them. The Forrest Guesthouse has partnered with local celebrant Nettie Hulme and photographer Anjella Roesller to offer couples a range of tempting packages. The forthcoming dates are 15 May, 3 July, 2 October & 4 December. Whatever the season, the half acre of rambling cottage gardens is delightful and full of rustic charm. In cold weather, the fresh ‘country chic’ style of the guesthouse, including open fireplace and candlelight, provides a beautiful alternative. Forrest is the ideal base for a honeymoon from which to explore many of the local beauty spots including the beguiling Lake Elizabeth, the invigorating Stephenson’s Falls and only 30 mins from the Great Ocean Road. Find out more about eloping to Forrest here:






Forrest-47 Forrest-44 Forrest-42 Forrest-33-1 Forrest-25 Forrest-15




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