Fiesta of Fungi in The Otways!


The Otways supports a staggering number of

beautiful, weird and wonderful fungi and over 380

of them are showcased in FungiOz, a free

mushroom identification app for Apple and

Android phones and devices.



Cymataderma elegans, Mait’s Rest January

This Autumn and winter will see small group

fungi identification and photography tours led by

the app’s creator Julene Cook who photographed

most of the FungiOz species within a kilometer

from her home in Forrest. Depending weather,

the 2 hour tours around Forrest will start at Easter

and continue through the winter months. Tour

participants can expect to see ten or more

species, hear loads of interesting fungi info, learn

how to identify main mushroom families with help

from the app and learn how to take good fungi


The 380 FungiOz app species are grouped into 5

collections according to whether they are fungi

with gills, fungi with pores, coral-like fungi, globe

and cup shaped fungi, jelly-like fungi or fungi with

spines, crinkles or fantastic shapes.

Xylaria species, Dead man's fingers

Xylaria species, Dead man’s Fingers,

If you can’t find a match your find is probably not

yet in the app but you can easily add it using the

‘Share photos’ or “Add a Species” function. “Map

a species” let’s you report finds to Fungimap, the

Australia wide citizen science organization

dedicated to mapping where Australian species

are found.

knowledge and supplies for growing mushrooms

and mushroom gourmets.

Lycoperdum species

Lycoperdum species


The app also includes links to a fabulous

selection of Australian fungi-design goods

including coffee mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, phone

cases, calendars, greeting cards, aprons and

jigsaws. These unique Australian souvenirs can

be ordered and sent to any address worldwide via

third party printing companies. Royalties from the

designs keep FungiOz app a free download from

ITunes, Google play and Amazon App stores.

Armillaria luteobubalina

Armillaria luteobubalina

FungiOz app can be downloaded or used on a

Mac or PC via or

To book a Fungi photography and identification

tour phone 0425224726.



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