2 thoughts on “Winter is Here!

  1. I was looking up the beautiful jewelry of Sally Forrester from whom both my daughter and i purchased a pendant when i stumbled across this website. I was fortunate enough to go to one of your local markets at Apollo Bay years ago whilst on a short break from Melbourne and Ive still got it as well as the printed wrapping paper it came in ! Let her know i treasure it even though its constant use has seen it a little the worse for some scratches on the front resin but still manys the time when i have been wearing it someone would comment on its unworldy beauty… I like to think of it as a fossilized piece of art ,a butterfly caught timeless in eternal beauty.Can i still purchase her jewelry on line ?
    Anyway take care all and when i think of the Otways i always think of how lucky we are to have such splendor here still on earth, the sound of restless ocean, rugged moving weathered shoreline whilst as a silent witness the ancient rainforest hills watch over all ..
    Regards faye woods

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