Everything’s Peachy at The Beechy!

1451472_458040347646515_1599241248_nSorry – couldn’t resist that one…The Beechy Pub – Interview with Gwyneth and Myles

1.   How did you come to be running The Beechy ?

Myles and I spent every chance we could camping in the Otways, We’ve holidayed here a all our adult lives and Myles’ dad used to bring him here from Anglesea as a kid to go fishing, when we got together 16 years ago we were delighted to share our love of the area and always talked about living here one day.

We were both working hard in Melbourne, Myles as a respected panel beater and I’d been working in project management for the last 15 years for large corporations, we had both had a guts full of city life, it just wasn’t “real” and we started talking about working here somehow, buying a cafe/bed n breakfast or similar so we wouldn’t have to wait for retirement to live here. We also share a love of food and we’d been doing catering and dinner parties in our limited spare time, just because we loved it! So looking for a hospitality business seemed a brilliant fit.

So sitting up one night working late, I flicked through some searches online to see what was available in the Otways and tripped over the ad for The Beechy, I yelled out to Myles in the next room “what about a pub?” he called back “yeah alright” (I thought he was joking but the next day said “so what’s the go with that pub?) And the rest is history …now – obviously a lot of research, and hard work went into getting here

2.    What do you like about being in a small community?

This community is a wonderful, caring and generous bunch, more like family than customers, everyone looks out for each other, and if anyone needs help there’s always people pitching in, sending food, cutting firewood etc Obviously being publicans helps to get to know most people really quick, but they’ve all become our dearest friends!

3.    What are the challenges?

Having a country pub is a. 7 day a week job, so getting time to be a family and have quality time together is the biggest challenge, thus we close the pub on the Otway Demons home games and go to the footy. Our son Jack (10yo) is training with the under 14’s this year so we’ve got an extra excuse to be there, and we love our country footy!


4.    What is your vision for the future for The Beechy?

We’re a bit hamstrung at the moment by the lag in development up here, once people have more direction as to their ability to build and how to manage waste water there’s likely to be more “locals” to support local businesses and I can definitely see a future as a quaint getaway with a few more facilities for tourists.

We have some exciting renovations planned (a bit at a time) and during winter you’re likely to see a new colour scheme in the pub itself, with some new fixtures and fittings to represent the love of the forests and local area. Down the track, we’d dearly love to revamp the motel units and I’ve always wanted to add a family cabin (or two).

5.   What do you like doing in your ‘spare’ time?

There’s not much of it, but when I get any I’m gardening, mosaic tiling, we’re in the process of renovating a little tinnie to get out on the Aire River, and of course the local footy!

6.   Anything else you like to say about living in The Otways?

it felt like home immediately!

DSC05641 DSC05646 JohannaBeachoilpainting

4 thoughts on “Everything’s Peachy at The Beechy!

  1. Called into the Beechy Pub on the way back from the Glow Show.
    Really lovely folks and ENORMOUS lambshank for dins YUM!

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