Wild and Woven – David Digapony creates art naturally..


Artist in residence @ COPACC David is an artist who specialises in woven art and sculptural forms. Harvesting nature’s treasures from her wild forests and weaving them into objects that reflect a harmony and communion with nature, David’s creations are a unique design and construction whose living organic form connects you to the wild essence of nature and the beauty of the earth. Now resident in Forrest, David will create a work from Otways rainforest vines for CrossXpollinatioN.

Call in to see David at work on his creation at COPACC on three consecutive weekends July 4&5, July 11&12 and July 18 &19.


“This work fits CrossXpollinatioN’s theme of Lost & Found. Everything I work with is found, and when I start the work I’m lost.” – David Digapony



David’s works reference the rawness of nature, its coarse textures, earthy tones and delicate forms, and convey the beauty and subtlety of the delicately woven web of impermanence that supports and sustains us.

As weaver of natural materials, each with its own distinct shape, David must work with each piece, rather than impose a pre-conceived idea of how the finished work should look. In this way, the process is a true collaboration between the weaver and nature, and the finished works reflect the wilderness from which they arise and whose essence they contain.

Much of David‘s work is ephemeral art, with each piece having a birth, a life and ultimately a death. In this way each work captures the wonder, beauty and impermanence of the natural world. His ephemeral sculptures are woven from natural materials including branches, sticks and vines that are sourced from the locality in which the work is created. Each work rests in harmony with the landscape and its surroundings – a collaboration between nature the artist and the observer.photo 6

David seeks to create works which resonate with nature’s wild essence and which invite us to contemplate and deepen our relationship with the natural world and the ephemeral beauty of all that surrounds us.

Artist David Digapony
Location Forrest, Victoria, Australia
Phone 0466 361 869
Email david@wildandwoven.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wildandwoven Instagram http://www.instagram.com/wild_and_woven

photo 7 OL7_COPACC

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