Extinction by Hannie Rayson


  • Image: Extinction

A big hello to GPAC’s community!

This week, as GPAC starts to wrap up its Appeal for Support for Extinction, I want to talk briefly about what the play may mean personally to you. This play is an examination of what it means for the soul to bear witness to the extinction of a species.

I don’t believe a single Australian citizen wants to be a despoiler of the natural environment. We are all making choices, sometimes in ignorance of their consequences, but weighing up competing demands on our money, our ambitions and our values.

In writing Extinction, I wanted to run a mile from the agro and politically congested, ideologically jammed debates. I wanted to write about real people of good will, facing real decisions and real choices.

If there is money on the table to do good, does it matter where it comes from? Would you take money from the coal industry? Would it be a more noble choice to disdain the money and sack 15 people from your staff? Furthermore, if you only have a limited conservation budget to address Australia’s dramatic rise in extinction rates, how do you decide which species is worth saving and which is not?

This is not a play that will divide you. This is a play that will fill you with HOPE.

It celebrates our beautiful Surf Coast and is also a true story based on real work being conducted at the Conservation Ecology Centre Cape Otway to save the Tiger Quoll (minus the sex and corruption – I made that part up!)

GPAC has been valiant in its pursuit to make this happen. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with donations. They have almost reached their target of $10,000 with $2000 to go, so If you are still able to participate in this appeal, you can find out more at  www.gpac.org.au/weneedyou

Look forward to seeing you at Extinction in July.

Many thanks,
Hannie Rayson

PS. This is also the first of my Surf Coast plays, as I spend a lot of time at Aireys Inlet. I look forward to sharing more of my work with you over the years to come. Thanks for all your support.

GPAC’s 2016 Deakin University Theatre Season


By Hannie Rayson

 A Geelong Performing Arts Centre and Red Stitch Actors Theatre Production

The tiger quoll once ruled the dense Otway forest but is now almost extinct. A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely good samaritan. Both are hell-bent on saving the species, but intentions are murky. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? Nothing is black and white in this intriguing story about love, sex, money and power played out under the shadow of global warming.

Extinction is a timely and intelligent new Australian play by Helpmann award winning playwright and screenwriter Hannie Rayson (Hotel Sorrento, Life After George), directed by acclaimed film director and producer Nadia Tass (Malcolm, Matching Jack). It delves deep into the heart of our own morals, choices and tightly-held convictions. Extinction wraps an important conservation message around a unique and personal human story. What would you choose?

– See more at: http://gpac.org.au/event/622/extinction#sthash.tcvtPjrI.dpuf




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