Coming to Nest – Aireys and Art By Suzanne Frydman

Eagles Nest Gallery in Aireys Inlet is a well established art haven on the Great Ocean Road. Earthily nestled amongst beautiful bushy landscape, visitors are likely to leave a visit changed in some way. This is what art does to us when we engage with it, and art displayed in such inviting spaces is certainly worth celebrating.


Eagles Nest Gallery

Eagles Nest Gallery is owned by Nadia and Bruno Rocchi, who have exhibited a wide range of artists over the past ten years. The gallery was first established in 1999. This clearly makes this hub of creativity an important feature in both the town’s liveability for locals and new adventures for tourists. Nadia explains that visitors to the gallery range from travellers who conduct prior research and add it to their itinerary, to those who find a lovely surprise on the road, and of course, returning locals and visitors.

Spending time in local galleries inevitably results in discovering regional artists. At Eagles Nest Gallery, coastal themes are often abundant. The awe that draws people to the sea, and in this particular location to the lighthouse, is displayed in a dazzling variety of artist interpretations. As well as displaying many of the local charms, the gallery’s building design allows for nurturing nooks, corners, and streaming light. The gallery presents a range of work, from scenic to the whimsical and contemporary. Many of the artists are from the Geelong and Otways region, and all are Victorian. It is a smallish gallery, which is part of its charm, but somehow there is ample space to have personal dialogues with the work on display, and in doing that, with our inner selves.

While most artists create work regardless, artists do need venues, viewers and people to take some of their work home. Like all enterprises, galleries do not exist in a vacuum, and Eagles Nest Gallery is run by a couple who are passionate about promoting the town, what it has to offer, and supporting both established and emerging artists.

It’s no secret that art is good for us, so plan for some time in this gallery.  After a visit, you will leave with a piece of the region in one form or another, as well as a likely inclination or hankering to return again soon.

Eagles Nest Gallery is at 48 Great Ocean Road. See

By Suzanne Frydman –



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