Chaos, inspiration, and optimistic chickens

For reasons we may choose to keep to ourselves, we look forward to the cooler months.


Reason #1 – We get our towns back.

Sure, at face value we might be judged as short-sighted, even a little selfish. After all, it’s the visitors to our piece of the planet that keeps businesses afloat and food in our bellies.

But this year, it seems, there’s another reason to take solace in the change of seasons – we need a rest!

Frankly, there’s been a bit going on of late. Thankfully, these events gave us many reasons to celebrate the Surf Coast.

The inaugural Hunt & Gather Winchelsea Festival showed there’s more to our region than meets the collective eyes of tourists, scanning the horizon for their first glimpse of sand.

For four days, farmers and manufacturers showcased their latest innovations, fresh produce was sold by the SUV load, and hopeful chooks and geese waited for the auction hammer to seal their fate.

Over on the coast another first-time event (and by far the most aptly-named) was underway.

300 children converged on Anglesea for Kids Adventure Outdoors (KAOS).

CB Event - KAOS

In a display of masterful logistics and distraction, these young adventurers were given the opportunity to canoe, ride, run, surf, cook and camp – with not an iPad in sight!

To Lorne and the Spinners cycling team mounted up to tackle their 10th 500km Murray to Moyne ride, raising funds for a much-loved local who recently suffered a stroke.

Over the years, the event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local causes and charities. If we ever had reason to doubt the love for each other in our region, simply look to the Murray to Moyne to restore your faith.

There’s a common thread tying optimistic chooks, chaotic kids, and inspiring riders.

Follow that thread and it leads to the Anglesea and Winchelsea Community Bank® branches.

The Hunt & Gather Winchelsea Festival was an initiative two years in the making, made possible by the financial and physical backing of these Community Bank® branches.

Murray to Moyne riders experienced the good these Community Bank® branches do. Grateful riders armed with their bikes and luggage were transported by the donated Community Bank5 bus, which also guided them along the 500km stretch.

And even KAOS needs to be organised. Branch staff volunteered their time and the branches provided funding so kids could get their hands dirty, and see life from the other side of the screen.

If you feel tired just reading about the events supported by the Anglesea and Winchelsea Community Bank® branches, relax. There’s no need for you to break out your bike shorts. H&G Winchelsea Field Day

Just bank with them. They’ll do the rest, while you have one (well-deserved of course).

54974-BBL-Anglesea-green loans-advert 180x130

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