Anglesea Coal Mine Restoration


Alcoa & Anglesea

Alcoa has a proud history in Anglesea.  After 46 years of operation, Alcoa made the difficult decision to permanently cease operations at the Anglesea Mine and Power Station effective August 2015.

The planning for the remediation and closure of the mine site, and the decommissioning and remediation of the power station, has begun.



A local project team, backed by the company’s global project and asset management group with expertise in environmental remediation, facility decommissioning and project management, will work within the regulatory frameworks to restore the power station and mine site to a land use that is safe and stable for future generations.

This is expected to be a complex process over a period of three to five years. Final decommissioning and environmental and remediation requirements to meet long term land use objectives, will be closely inter-related. Alcoa has estimated $US40 – $US45 million for asset retirement and environmental remediation.

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The Alcoa site

Alcoa leases approximately 7,221 hectares of unreserved Crown Land, under provisions of the Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Act 1961. Additionally, Alcoa owns approximately 143 hectares of freehold land. The lease document sets the ‘specified mining area’ at 545 hectares and Alcoa has mined approximately 325 hectares of this area.


Closure, decommissioning and remediation process

The mine remediation and closure process is consistent with the endorsed Anglesea Mine Work Plan and is regulated by the Victorian government’s Earth Resources Regulation, part of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.  The power station decommissioning and remediation process is consistent with the National Environment Protection Measure (Contaminated Sites) and is regulated by EPA Victoria.  Community engagement is a key part of these processes.

A statutory Clean Up Notice was issued by EPA Victoria in October 2015 as is due process, requiring Alcoa to manage any environmental contamination specifically at the power station site in preparation for future use.  The notice requires the completion of environmental site assessments by 30 September 2017 and the appointment of an independent environmental auditor by 1 April 2016.  Quarterly reports are submitted to the EPA and are available on the Alcoa website.

Alcoa’s aim is to ensure its remediation and closure of the mine site and power station is developed in conjunction with community and government stakeholders. A Revised Mine Closure Plan for the mine will be developed and submitted to regulators for approval. A Draft Master Plan for the power station freehold land will also be developed.

Technical reviews, site assessments and community engagement are now underway. It is anticipated that the physical decommissioning of the power station will commence approximately August 2016, and physical works in the mine will commence in 2017.


Share your views about the future of the Alcoa site

Alcoa is now seeking the community’s input to help inform the development of a Revised Mine Closure Plan, and a Draft Master Plan for the power station freehold land.

Consultation and engagement with stakeholders is a priority in the development and approval process for the mine’s remediation and closure and the decommissioning and remediation of the power station site.

Community engagement activities include a range of public activities, an online engagement platform and the continuation of the Alcoa Community Consultation Network (CCN) meetings.

Further information is available at, or by contacting Alcoa via email [] or telephone [5263 4200].


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