Otway Sustainable Table – Pasta Musta Otway Style By Neal Drinnan

There is no pasta to beat fresh pasta and if it’s local pasta so much the better! We have in our region so many wholesome, wholefood producers and it’s hugely  encouraging to see brands like Otway Pasta so widely available through independent providores from Portland to Portsea. This is now the reach of Steve Robinson’s boutique range of pastas. From a commercial kitchen in Colac, to the world! Steve is proving that small is both beautiful and profitable.

For Robinson, pasta making started out as a hobby. He became a stay-at-home Dad  with a new baby daughter while his partner worked  in the city. After he bought a small commercial pasta maker , he started to see how plausible the venture could become, first by making pasta’s to sell through local Colac businesses, then further and further afield. Now there are retail outlets stocking the range in every town on the Princess Highway or the Great Ocean Road, not to mention sizeable outlets in Melbourne and Geelong.



Perhaps the real strength and angle to the Otway Pasta venture is the authentic organic ingredients that go into it. These come mostly from near-by, occasionally from interstate. All the eggs are from Rayner’s Free Rang Eggs in Birregurra and Victorian Olive Oil is a key ingredient. He uses semolina, and durum wheat and an ancient grain wheat, Khorasan, all of which are grown in New South Wales’ Golden Triangle. The Pink Lake Salt used to season the pasta is also a product of Victoria’s unique inland salt lakes.

Currently the list of fresh pasta’s include spaghetti, regular and gluten free fettucine, torchio, rigatoni and lasagne plus a range of dry pastas that have a longer shelf life. ‘Our pastas are not cheap, they can’t be if we want to use  the ingredients we use.’ Says Robinson ‘but as we’ve seen a loaf of bread can range in price from $1 in the supermarket to $7.50 from a fine grain baker like Irrewarra. The orders we are getting show there are a lot of people who will pay for quality fresh pasta.’

The proof is always in the eating and for anyone keen to put Otway Pasta to the test, I suggest they go to



and follow Steve’s step-by-step guide to one of the simplest and most delicious pasta dishes available: Pasta with parsley and garlic. This recipe comes courtesy of Nick and Sue’s Gourmet Deli in Camberwell Market who stock the Otway Pasta range. It’s amazing how when the pasta is good, it becomes the dish and the sauce its crowning glory.

For More info on Otway Pasta and for stockists visit:







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