The Otway Aboriginal Matriarch – Aunty Edna Arnold

here’s one from the magazine archives Autumn 2014


“Let us walk softly across this land together as brothers and sisters. Remembering that whatever we do to the land we give to our children.”


March is Women’s History Month and in acknowledgement of International Women’s Day we would like to introduce you to Violet Edna Arnold, nee Baulch, is known locally as Aunty Edna.

Now in her eighties and facing the daily challenges of an ageing body, “you just have to learn to live with it”, Aunty Edna’s mind and spirit are still sharp. Her earliest memories are of growing up at Busty, or Krambruk North, on top of the Wild Dog Road ridge near Apollo Bay. Krambruk (Aboriginal for ‘sandy place’) was the original name for Apollo Bay.

The property was settled by Aunty Edna’s step grandfather, an Afghan hawker and settler, Ghool Khan, who died in 1953 aged 96 years.


Aunty Edna has vague memories of the…

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