Otway Books: Shivu and other stories by Garry Richardson





Garry Richardson has been a core member of the Colac Writers Guild for many years and is a keen saxophonist and clarinettist and in his recently published collection of stories Shivu he introduces readers to the many faces of his muse.

His range of topics are eclectic and never without wit as he delves into the whys and wherefores of a long life and an often loaded dice. Sometimes he’s speculating about science, sometimes about art.

He creates unusual worlds with strange religious orders or garrets occupied by strange Russian geneticists but sometimes his tales are just about love getting tired or murderous on the family farm.

Eclectic? You bet and because he doesn’t like to waste a page he’ll slip in a little motto or rumination here and there for instance: It is written: fathers should be aware that at some stage their sons will cease to follow their advice and instead follow their example .And who can argue with that!

Shivu and Other Stories $27.99

By Garry Richardson

Review by Neal Drinnan

Neal Drinnan is an Australian writer.He won the Lambda Literary Award in the Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror category,and was a nominee in the Gay Fiction category, for his 2006 novel Izzy and Eve at the 19th Lambda Literary Awards.

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Drinnan has been primarily based in Sydney, New South Wales.

He has published five novels and non-fiction travel guides for LGBT tourism in Australia. He was also the editor of Fruit Salad: A Compote of Contemporary Gay & Lesbian Writing, an anthology of Australian LGBT writing published by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras committee in 1997, and has had several short stories published in anthologies.

Neal now lives in Colac and runs the Cowlick Bookstore




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