Landcare’s Gifts – regenerating people and landscapes

From our archives Summer 2015 – celebrating Landcare


Written by Suzanne Frydman

An awareness of nature’s gifts is something residents and visitors in the beautiful Otways experience regularly. To have this expressed by one of the region’s Landcare managers is a meaningful reminder, especially in times when the environment can be taken for granted. The qualities of successful community action, personal responsibility and life focus are some of the reflections Dr. Libby Riches, program manager and facilitator for the Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN), highlighted when asked about the possible impact of Landcare participation on the people doing the work.

What are some of the health & personal benefits you gain from this involvement?

As a facilitator for SOLN, when not at my computer undertaking advocacy, communications and fundraising tasks I am privileged to spend substantial amounts of time out walking the Southern Otways. After seven years of living in Apollo Bay, I am gradually starting to learn…

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