What is a General Store?

In the very old fashioned tradition, we’re a post office, newsagency, bank, info centre, tea room, grocery, deli, café & cake shop with (naturally) a vegetable garden…but in a very modern way we understand black garlic salt, vegan health balls, Instagram & scrummy pulled pork rolls!

We’re nestled in the hinterland of the Otway Ranges & proudly advocate & support all our local artisans & their produce….. so from 7.30 until 6 every day pop in for luscious home made delights, purchase an enormous array of the best  our local producers make, read a book, scribble on our blackboard or stay for a game of a scrabble.

Welcome to the Otways… take your time.

Open: 7.30am-6.30pm during Summer 7 days a week

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