Welcome to Chi Medicinal Farm

chi-intro-otway-life-01112016We arrived in Glenaire looking for an opportunity to create another adventure in our lives. We came here on a holiday to “Find Our Chi”, and simply fell in love with the Old Bend Cafe and the surrounding area. Looking down from Castle Cove we sensed something magical… we found exactly what we were looking for.

Our inspiration behind Chi was to create a botanical oasis, a place where our beliefs and skills intertwined, a place where people could come to connect to the calming energy of nature whilst experiencing the potential healing powers of medicinal herbs, hence the name Chi.

[CHI: (chi/ ki/ qi) noun: “natural energy”, “life force”, “energy flow”]

Chi Medicinal Farm is unique. Beneath the rolling hills of the Otways on the fertile plains of the Great Ocean Road, our vision is to create a kiosk/cafe, gallery, and medicinal farm where people are introduced to the holistic qualities of nature in every sense, through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Copyright NBPD
Copyright NBPD

SIGHT…of the forests of trees, gentle rolling hills, blooming plants, never-ending skies and the rugged beauty of the Great Ocean Road. SOUND…of silence, freely interrupted by the staccato of animals, native bird life, the whistle of the wind, and the roaring Southern Ocean. SMELL…of the purity of fresh, clean air with the occasional waft of lemon scented myrtle, native mint, lavender and eucalyptus…truly heaven scent. TOUCH… of the fertile earth as we plant, grow and harvest an array of organic food and medicinal herbs to use in our kiosk and cafe. TASTE… of delicious, flavourful and nutrient dense food. Locally grown x crafted with love.


Copyright NBPD
Copyright NBPD

At Chi Medicinal Farm we strive to integrate all that nature has to offer in the most respectful way. We grow and locally source the best produce available to us and then we handcraft our menus from scratch. We know this enhances the flavour and provides a healthier quality within the food that nourishes the mind, body and “CHI”.

Our vision is gradually coming to fruition, and when you visit us, you will see us growing, like a seed that has been thoughtfully selected, planted, watered and lovingly nurtured. Come join us on this journey, come and “Find YOUR Chi”.

Copyright NBPDCopyright NBPDchi-stock_land1016glenaire-2

Shane Law & Jo Eden Law


Chi Medicinal Farm is located at 3225 Great Ocean Road, Glenaire, 3238. Chi Kiosk Spring hours are: Fri, Sat and Sun from 9am-5pm, featuring handcrafted Aussie pies, soups, maple glazed cinnamon buns, organic juices, barista style coffee, tea and more. Organic berries and veggies will soon be available at the farm gate. To find out more please visit http://www.chimedicinalfarm.com.au or contact us on (03) 5237 9110 or email info@chifarm.com.au.


All photos taken by Jo & Shane of Chi Medicinal Farm



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