Otway Creative Network – Gill Bowen-Johnston

Who are we?

Otway Creative Network is a new Facebook community group for photographers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers and alike to collaborate and network for the expansion of portfolios, professional work and making friends.

Why did we start this group?

The Otways are an amazing resource of people with remarkable talents.  Connecting these individuals will benefit the local community and demonstrate the fantastic diversity in the area.

It can be difficult living in the country and working towards this type of industry and we would love for people with these interests to join and grow our creative community, who can work together and share knowledge.

We are a passionate group and encourage people of all ages, living in the Otways and surrounding districts to not feel isolated if they want to pursue unique careers such as modelling, fashion design or body painting.

Help wanted!

The Otway Creative Network is a hub for posting advertisements e.g. photographers looking for a model or a makeup artists looking for fashion designers.  We also welcome questions from people interested in the industry and impressions of previous work.

Our goals

We would love the group to be a learning centre for young talent to practise their skills, before making the endeavour to larger projects in cities such as Melbourne.  It could even be the hobby that people come home to on the weekend.

It is also an opportunity to learn of other industries such as film and TV which regional living may not offer.  So, if this sounds like you or someone you know who may be interested, come and have a look, ask some questions and lets make something extraordinary!


find us on Facebook:





#otways #victoria #mua #visitvictoria @visitvictoriaaustralia



Designer coutour by Enas Clark
AMAB Training Academy- AACM
Historical Makeup assessment – Gill Bowen-Johnston
Gill Bowen-Johnston – make-up artist Kelly Wilson


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