Sweeter Than Honey by Rachel Ramsey

Sweeter Than Honey is a contemporary storytelling style photography venture based in Apollo Bay.
Specialising in weddings, family and business promotional photography every shoot aims to tell a story filled with raw emotion and candid moments.
All photographs are inspired by the unique community and stunning locations of Apollo Bay, the Otways and surrounding regions.
When I first stumbled upon The Bay whilst travelling back in the summer of 2010 I was instantly struck by the sheer beauty of the area, unmatchable by anywhere else I had ever
experienced. The stark contrast of the rich green hills resting so close to the ocean was
breath taking and I still remember vividly the first time that I stood on the beach and was
captivated by that unmistakable view. In the evenings after work I would often walk alone
at the harbour and drink in the sights and sounds of the late summer nights. From fishermen finishing their daily tasks to families chatting over ice cream, the enchanting
atmosphere of twilight here was as magical as it was contagious.
During my first years in Apollo Bay I was inspired to rediscover creativity in many ways.
However, it was not until after a series of events which led me to return to the UK and study photography at university that I realised my true talents lay in photographing people. Whilst the initial idea for this business was originally sparked elsewhere it always made sense that I would return to the town that had captured my heart to launch the venture properly.
Sweeter Than Honey is unique locally in that it focuses on the spirit of people and
community whilst the magnificent locations of the Great Ocean Road and Otways add
interest and a further level of aesthetic quality.
Please visit
for more information on wedding, family and promotional business packages.

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