On the hunt for native fauna…

…camera trapping at the Southern Otway Landcare Network. 

There is something unavoidably voyeuristic about setting out cameras to catch wildlife in action, I suppose because you really are spying on something. Even just setting up the cameras is a little bit thrilling as you trample through the undergrowth on the hunt for the trails and tunnels that indicate a good spot to set up. The cameras are on a trigger happy motion sensor and will fire if a blade of grass moves in front of them. If you don’t do a bit of judicious gardening around them, you can end up with 3,000 images of grass waving in the breeze. This is not nearly as Zen as it sounds. When you’re flicking through that number of images of the same scene your mind starts to play tricks on you. The Southern Otway Landcare Network are monitoring 12 plots between Johanna and Wye every year to see how successful our plantings have been. Whether or not they are attracting wildlife is an indicator of this. We’re only one year in so it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but from the Bassian Thrush who is always in the same bottom right corner of the photo at the same time every day, to the mum and joey kangaroo who posed so cutely in front of our camera for a full 20 minutes there is a lot of fun to be had.

If you would like to help set up cameras or sort through images, please contact Libby Riches at the Southern Otway Landcare Network. Phone 5237 6904 / libby.landcare@soln.org



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