Amy Bain and her husband, Daniel, have created a quirky and vibrant cafe/gallery/museum in Ferguson – in the heart of the Otway Ranges. Otway Life Magazine caught up with a busy Amy to find out more about their life and creative enterprise…

OLM: How did you end up in this part of the Otways?

Amy: The Otway NouriShed brought my husband, Daniel, and myself to the Otways. We wanted to work for ourselves and live in the countryside- but not too far from the coast. I had always worked in hospitality and retail so when I stumbled across the ad for the café on the internet we decided to go down for a look. We had never spent a lot of time here previous to that visit. We absolutely loved the lush green rainforest and the beautiful Apollo Bay. When we first walked into the Otway Nourished, to meet the original owners, we knew straight away it would be our new home.

OLM: What do you love about being here?

Amy: We love living and working here because we are surrounded by such a beautiful, peaceful environment. Our customers are always relaxed and happy after spending time in nature at the waterfalls, and there is just a great vibe around the place. There are so many magical spots to visit to just chill out and enjoy. I also feel there is a sense of community and connectedness around here which is wonderful.

OLM: What is the funniest thing that has happened?

Amy: The funniest thing that has happened here was a few years ago when we had the Great Victorian Bike Ride come through Ferguson. We were totally unprepared for what happened. We only had a single group coffee machine back then, so to say we struggled with keeping up with demand is a huge understatement. The participants were all in good spirits and very patient with us. You could not move in the shed so for a coffee to reach its owner, everyone had to shout out their name until it finally reached them. There were coffees going in every direction and names getting shouted out everywhere. It was absolutely ridiculous, but we all had a good laugh and everyone got a coffee in the end.

OLM: What are your hopes for the future?

Amy: Our plans for the future are to continue growing our little business whilst keeping a good work-life balance. There is so much we want to do to the premises but we have come to understand that all good things take time….. oh, and money. We will keep ticking off little projects here and there and try to enjoy the ride. We hope to enjoy the Otways more this year – there are a couple of waterfall walks we haven’t done yet so they are on our to-do list this year.

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