The Roads Less Travelled by Tim Lucas

The Otway Ranges is a majestic area, with many amazing places to visit.

But a lot of people don’t get to experience this magnificence.

As a photographer I have a special love of the Otway Ranges and am always looking for new locations to visit, capture and share.

It’s this desire to share this amazing place that led to the birth of ‘The Road Less Travelled Photography Tours’.

The plan is simple: take a group of photographers of various skill levels into the inner reaches and help them experience the magic that is on offer.

The choice of locations will be reflect the seasons – no point looking at a waterfall location when the water flow is low!

Some locations will require a good level of physical fitness, but you won’t need to be an athlete for most of the trips, although for the more adventurous there is plenty of challenging locations to explore as well.


Butterfly Fern :

Walking along the tracks around the Otways its common to find yourself walking underneath masses of tree ferns. This one though reminded me of a butterfly emerging from a very large pupa.


Beauchamp Falls:

A commonly visited gem of the Otway Ranges, Beauchamp Falls never fails to impress – but it can be hard to get a unique perspective. To capture this involved a bit of a scramble and rock and tree hopping! It was such a nice day that i was shooting between swimmers  in the plunge pool!

Clam Stone.jpgClam Stone:

The power of the ocean waves is something to behold. This stone was one of many on the foreshore near Elliot River, Vic AU. The two different stones have eroded away with the action of the waves constantly crashing over them – creating a clam shell look!

Deppeler Creek.jpg

Deppeler Creek:

In any rainforest region there are many little creeks and streams. As the trees and ferns fall over time they create natural bridges that eventually decay and are re-absorbed back into the natural world. As a photographer i can only gather a small moment in time, but its a moment that will never be repeated.

Flowering Track.jpg

Flowering Track:

As i walked along the Deppeler Track, i found several patches where the track was covered with masses of white blossom. In some places it hides some very soft ground!!!

Lake Elizabeth Pano No.1.jpg

Lake Elizabeth :

Following a landslide in 1951 a natural dam wall formed blocking the East Barwon River, and creating Lake Elizabeth. The Lake is 82 acres in total, and has a truly beautiful walking path – just watch of for the snakes!




Little Aire Falls:

There is a great track leading to the Little Aire Falls, the downside is that its a 2.5Km walk in.  But the view makes up for it.

Elliot River Rocks.jpg

Elliot River Rock Pattern:

It never fails to amaze me to see the way that the rocks on our foreshores form such amazing patterns! This was spotted on the foreshore at Elliot River.

Natures Fishbowl.jpg


Natures Fishbowl:

Looking like a circular fishpond this amazing rock pool refills with each of full tide, bringing with it a whole new ecosystem.


AtOneWithTheRiverAt One With The River:

Landscape photography can require getting into strange places at time, in this case wading the river and positioning the tripod in the water to be able to get ‘the shot’ of the small set of rapids that I had just uncovered.





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