Otway Food and Fibre Showcase


The Otway region is gearing up to showcase everything locally grown and sown.  Some ready to eat and the rest harvested to take home and add a culinary spin.

Mid-Autumn people can enjoy a selection of the best Otway grown produce including olives, cheeses, native bush foods, fruits and vegetables, honey, meat, small goods, baked goods, wines and other brewed delights.

Growers and event organisers want to share their passion for turning humble soil and grass into quality food and fibre, shining a spotlight on the skilled, passionate and diverse growers around us.

Source local food and fibre and contribute to community health, benefit the local economy and our environment.


Taste and purchase local produce samples, as well as talk to and learn from local growers and makers. Develop growing and making skills by taking part in demonstrations and workshops around the theme of small holding skills like building soil and compost, bee keeping, poultry management, regenerative farming, the lifecycle of wool, native bush foods, truffle sniffer dog trials, shearing and creative kids food and fibre activities.

If you’re a small scale producer or artisan and would like to get involved, please contact Andy Gray on 5232 9140 or andygray@coln.org.au


LC_SA003 Food & Fibre Showcase Poster A3_FA-PRINT(bleed+trim marks).jpg

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