Surf Coast Art Space – by Cinnamon James


The Surf Coast Art Space has been rented by the Surf coast Shire for 6 months as a trial. The Surf Coast calendar exhibition kicked it off in October last year. The calendar has been going for 19 years, and this was the most visited show with close to 600 visitors!

Within 2 weeks we had fully booked the 6 month trial period with 8 exhibitions from right across the shire. November saw Art Spot, the community exhibition organized by Surf coast Arts, December/January was Coastal Edge, photography by Darryl Fowler and abstract landscape paintings by Leigh Steven with over 1000 people through their doors!

We are all very thankful to the Surf Coast Shire for giving this a try, and special thanks go to the arts and development officer Julie Dyer for her years of dedication to the local art scene.

I believe that the space could and should be a permanent community arts space. There is an online petition gaining lots of support, and the visitors book in the space is full of locals, tourists and surf coast artists all throwing their support behind the space!

A community art space is so much more than just a space for local artists to display their artwork! It is a place for the community to buy local gifts and objects for their homes, a place for tourists to visit and pick up a locally created souvenir as well as information on cultural events right across the shire, a space to exhibit touring exhibitions for our community to experience without heading to Melbourne, and it is also a clear message that the Surf Coast Shire is proud of their rich creative community!

Anglesea has proved itself to be a popular destination for the art conscious…with the Anglesea Art House, Anglesea Art Studios group and one of the favourite destinations for visitors on the Surf Coast Arts Trail. The town attracts day trippers who want to go out for lunch and visit a couple of interesting places or beaches. It has a relaxed coastal atmosphere, and is the first stop on the Great Ocean Road where tourists can actually see the ocean from the road!!!! The Art Space is located right on the Great Ocean Road, across from the riverbank market site, and a short walk to great cafes!

Art is the fabric of our community, let’s keep this art space visible and open for many exhibitions, workshops and cultural events into the future! To help us keep this space open, please send a letter to our mayor, Brian McKiterick.

For information about any of these exhibitions you can contact the Surf Coast Arts Officer, Julie Dyer on 0419 152 520 or Cinnamon Stephens on 0400 436 308



Current Exhibition:



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