Life in The Otways by Sue Marriott

John, my husband, and I started our “new” life in the Otway Ranges 2 years ago after our son Andrew, daughter in law Nicole and their 3 girls, bought 300 acres on Phillips Track. 2 years later 100 acres came up for sale next door. It was an obvious choice to buy for two reasons,

  1. it made the farm size more viable, and
  2. the farm house lends itself to being a comfortable bed and breakfast venue, and with so many people visiting the Otway Fly, the local waterfalls, the Great Ocean Road and all its wonders, only added extra incentive to the venture.

Productive farming and conservation have always been an essential part of our farming practices for the past 50 years. John was involved in the Potter Farmland Plan around the Hamilton area in the mid 1980’s and subsequent development of Landcare in Victoria, and then across Australia.

In 1997 I gained a Churchill Fellowship to further my interest around the world in Australia’s Landcare program. This provided the opportunity to help start Landcare in the international arena. It is now an ongoing global program.

The Otway Farmstay Bed and Breakfast provided an opportunity to physically improve our farm and the stunning environment that surrounds us, while engaging with international visitors about the ideas that has made Landcare “happen”. The farm has its own waterfalls, a large family of playtpus, wallabies, beautiful rain forest gullies, 360 degree spectacular views, new woodlot plantings and cows!

The Otway Ranges provide an amazing array of choices for visitors. From searching the night sky for stars, wonderful vistas for artists, sports people of all types, walkers, wanderers, swimmers, surfers and of course great places to eat and enjoy local produce, provide a choice of beautiful places to stay.

Find is on Airbnb: Otway Farmstay or


A&N DamAn Autumn afternoonCattle & damhouseJohn and SueMarriott Farm (3 of 10)Marriott Farm (7 of 10)

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