Celebration Day for Girls

The Next Celebration Day for Girls will be on OCT 28th @ the ‘Heartspace’ in Bellbrae.

When a girl begins her menstrual cycle she is often expected to just ‘deal with it’ with little understanding as to why this has significance except the inconvenience of using tampons and pads. This can leave a girl feeling disconnected and resentful of this significant change and vulnerable to looking to female stereotypes that are popularised through mass media.

“Celebration Day for Girls” is a facilitated program for girls and their mothers that give’s meaning to this rite of passage ‘The program was developed by Jane Bennett, a Social Worker, in 2000. It has touched generations and rapidly expanded to have many facilitators stretching across the country and abroad.

Michelle Buggy facilitates this program for the Surf Coast Community.


‘Celebration Day for Girls’ is a special day that empowers girls between the age of 10 and 13 in positive menstrual education that provides connection to their emotional experience.

Through the sharing information and support, girls are prepared for the transition to being fertile and everything that comes along with that, by empowering them to feel confident and excited about the changes that are happening to them.

The day is relaxed, fun and interactive; offering the girls a safe space to laugh and honour and learn about their menstrual cycle so it feels natural and normal to talk about.

The day celebrates many facets of the girls through creative activities, facts and storytelling.



Storytelling gives a personal, historic and cultural context to their experience.

The experience affirms their sense of belonging, give a sense of pride and wonder around the importance of what their bodies can do and what that means. It offers a connection to their whole menstrual cycle that relates to their social, biological, emotional and physical body.

The program acknowledges the change in the relationship between mother and daughter and strengthens the new dynamic with respect. Mothers share stories about strong women in the family who they have admired. Mothers listen to their daughter’s insights allowing the possibility for a new type of conversation and support.

As a collective, sharing stories offers the girls the understanding that there is a wide variety of what is normal and the day facilitates these stories to be shared with honour and celebration. The girls and mothers also leave with a new sense of union for their ongoing journey ahead.


‘Celebration Day for Girls’ gives new meaning to the feminine nature and celebrates the onset of puberty as the beginning of an exciting stage of becoming a woman.  For mothers in signals the beginning of becoming a mother to a young woman.

‘Many participants report that their mother daughter relationship is enriched and enlivened as the doors of communication in this key area of female experience and development are opened wide.’ www.celebrationdayforgirls.com

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The Next Celebration Day for Girls will be on OCT 28th @ the ‘Heartspace’ in Bellbrae.


For further information please contact Michelle Buggy on www.informemotion@gmail.com

And to stay in touch with further events




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Michelle is an Artist, Art Therapist, Educator and mother of 5 children and loving wife.

Michelle Buggy is the Director of ‘InformEmotion’ – A Experiential & Creative Art based Business that provides Counselling, Creative Art Therapy Workshops and is involved in the creation of Community Arts projects & events.

Michelle also practises as a therapist at a mental health facility.


She holds a B.A – Fine Art and a M.A in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy.








For ‘Spring Tide – Experiential Creative Arts Journal’ – To creatively record your Emotional Cyclic nature- use the link…


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A little from Michelle… about why she does Celebration Day for Girls…


“I am passionate about woman sharing stories that empower one another by offering acknowledgment, deep process and provides intimate reflections for one another. I have also always been interested in woman’s health, particularly in their rites of passage around significant life events like pregnancy, birth and menarche. These powerful physiological events can be assisted by personal understanding and meaningful ritual and informed embodied information in order for a gentle transformation.


I am a mother of 5 children and have 3 daughters of my own.

I have found this time rich and meaningful in terms of a deeper connection to my purpose and body as a woman.”

X Michelle


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