Aged care at home – no need to move!

Mollie Sullivan, Prompt Care’s Director of Care and Barwon Downs resident, writes about the rewarding experience of providing aged care at home to the communities of the Otways.


Back in June 2016, we signed up our first client for home care in the Barwon Region. At that time he was in hospital in Colac, and the team responsible for his health care was considering that he move straight into residential care. Fortunately, we were able to provide an alternative that meant that there was no need for the gentleman to permanently leave his home in order to get the care he required. This alternative is called a Home Care Package, which is funded by the Australian Government.

Thanks to the care package, we were able to provide daily care for two weeks whilst the gentleman got back on his feet. The Home Nursing Service from Colac Area Health also visited regularly during this time. Prior to commencing care with us, the gentleman had a number of falls when travelling to and from the local Adult Day Activity Program. So we arranged for one of our team to drive him to and from the program. The care package (a ‘Level 4’, which provides funding of around $50,000 each year) also paid for new better fitting shoes, repair of his walking frame and regular delivered meals.


Despite a number of ongoing health issues, with our help the gentleman was able to get back to attending Freemason’s meetings and to have his mates call by to watch the footy and country races on TV. We are proud to say that he never had another fall after commencing care with us.

Our Home Care Packages aim to provide good health care as well as emphasising the enjoyment of rural and coastal living. A number of our clients are retirees who have moved to the beautiful Surf Coast. They enjoy the mix of bushland and beach. One client enjoys a regular walk along the Lorne Pier, as it keeps him active and well. Another client enjoys going for a drive and lunch along the coast – this gives his wife a break from her caring role. One of our Geelong clients is happy to have had the help he needs to have his organic veggie garden ready for Spring planting.


If you think that you, or a relative, may be interested in receiving a Home Care Package, please give us a call on 1800 472 273 and ask to speak to our Barwon team. They are experienced at navigating the aged care system and can help you to get the care you need. Our home care service has consistently met the standards for quality care and we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping the most vulnerable members of the community.

We are always looking for new staff to join our team, particularly care workers who live along the coast and in Geelong. It is very rewarding to help the older people of the Otways to continue to live in their own home. Email for an application form.


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