VRONXART in Winchelsea             an interview with Veronica McDonald by Cinnamon Stephens

I spent the earliest years of my life at Yuulong and the beauty of that place has stayed with me forever. The bush, the ocean, the creeks and other ferny mysterious places have been the source of inspiration for my painting. When I visit favourite places like Yuulong I feel my skin tingle and the smell of the earth is like no other.

Veronica McDonald


My husband Brian and I owned a business in Anglesea for 25 years, during which time we raised our four sons and enjoyed the lifestyle that a coastal town can bring. When he retired we moved to a small farm in Bambra, then on to look after a son’s property in Winchelsea South. Finally we realized that Winchelsea offered just what we needed, and it was here we settled.  Sad as I was to move from the coast I knew that the Otways were not too far away.



It can be a challenge being an artist in a rural area as the outlet for your work is limited, but one has to make the most of every opportunity to display your work. I am part of the Riverlee Painting group, and it is here that we encourage and assist each other to prepare for exhibitions, organise painting workshops and run classes on the Riverlee property. The Riverlee Art Group is opening an exhibition on March 16th 2018, at the delightful, Run Rabbit Run, cafe and plant nursery in Winchelsea. We are excited to have such a great place to show the visiting public our work.

The Art Space in Anglesea is another community space that has been terrific for rural artists to exhibit, giving access to more people and publicity for the artists of the hinterland.

I rarely paint people into my pieces as it is the solitude and beauty that captures my imagination. At this point of time I am influenced by the magnificent ancient trees on the Barwon River which flows through the town at the end of my street. There is a deep history there. If trees could speak, what would they tell us?

My career as a midwife has also had an influence on my painting. Both represent our creativity and appreciation of all things beautiful. A commissioned series of mine which represents birth; Water…Life Force, hangs in the entrance of the Birthing suite University Hospital Geelong and also the post natal ward.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy VronxArt Home/Studio is open each August for the Surf Coast Arts Trail and by appointment any other time. I also have a small gallery in Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park in the Grampians, where my work is inspired by the mountains and stony creeks. I see those mountains as strong and masculine and the Otways as soft, fluffy and feminine. By switching between the two I have a constant source of inspiration.

Arts Trail_OtwayLife 180x130mm PRINT

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