Farmwalker Films: Dan & Amelia

We really needed to inject some breathing space into both our personal and work lives, so in 2017 we moved from Melbourne to the outskirts of the Otways to the farm where I was born and raised.

Two Shot portrait

Our business, Farmwalker Films, is a video production company that does pretty much everything and anything film related. We work with businesses large or small, agencies, artists, and musicians. It could be just Dan and his camera, the two of us working with a small business to create an online video, or a larger crew for the short film or commercial shoots.

Muffin Short Film John Brumpton

Our creative approach a lot of the time is to see what makes us laugh or feel inspired then work out a way to capture that and share it. We like rough edges, experimentation and a handmade feel.

finger frame

Dan loves to experiment with new techniques he stumbles across in films or from the many wonders on the Internet. He brings the directing experience, creative flare and weird and wonderful ideas. I bring the order, planning and ‘what if’s’. Essentially though, we feed off each other, and balance each other out. We need each other for advice in all parts of our business.

kombi chillax

We’ve renovated the second story of the cottage we live in into a studio space with an amazing view of the hills and are currently renovating a shop and creative space in Melbourne.

Two Shot fullbody

Moving to the area has been both a challenge and an absolute delight. We miss the ease of ducking to the shops, restaurants and bars in Footscray, however love growing our own vegetables, discovering local breweries and markets and giving our daughter Elvie space to explore.

Tarndie Shoot 2

We think the recipe for a successful shoot is similar to the way we like to look at life; be prepared, be ready for the challenges but it’s really all about how you face the challenges on the day; how well you can problem solve in the moment. And as our family grows to soon be four, we need to keep reminding ourselves of this!

Muffin Short Film DandA

As we build our client base in the area we recognise how blessed we are to live so close to the ocean and forest as well as being surrounded by amazing local produce and people. The nature of our work means we can have a blend of both the city and country life and I think that’s the way it will always be with us.


Farmwalker Films

Ph: 0403 322217

Farmwalker Logo (2) HIGH RES

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