STILL POINT STUDIO – an interview with Wayne Reid by Cinnamon Stephens

I initially came to live in Winchelsea after closing my Record Shop in Northcote. I had already moved to Point Lonsdale a couple of years before, seeking a quieter life than Melbourne offered, after a major heart attack slowed me down. I found the coastal lifestyle made up for the inconvenience of commuting.


Three Waves

A position advertised in the Geelong Advertiser was asking for a Coordinator of Programs at a day centre for the elderly in Winchelsea. My background in Nursing secured me the position. Fortunately, I was offered an old farmhouse to rent just outside Winchelsea and eventually we built here. So, I guess you would say that it was circumstantial that I came to be living in Winchelsea, but the location has always proved convenient.

Birregurra Autumn

I love being close to both the Otway Ranges with the wonderful parks and reserves, walks and waterfalls, and many other natural attractions that drew me into taking up photography again. My decade as a record shop owner delayed my passion but now was the right time. I purchased a new camera and was deeply engaged once more.

Silken Falls

Living in Winchelsea meant that I was close to so much natural beauty for inspiration. My studio is named Still Point, referring to a calm place. My work often falls into the quite abstract category, rather than the usual grand landscape category, and even though you might say “That could have been taken anywhere”, the inspiration came from where I was at the time, and most of the time that has been a calm place on the Surf Coast and in the hinterland of the Otways.

Bark Landscape

My main interests are abstractions, creations and derelictions, which incidentally was the title to an exhibition I had in Melbourne several years ago. I love nature and the world around us, but I love to look closely at small parts of creation rather than the big picture. Sometimes I choose to abstract the subject matter because this seems to tell the story better; sometimes I do this by design and sometimes it just happens unconsciously…and sometimes it works! When you remove some of the reference points in a composition, the viewer has to work to understand it in the light of their own experience, and as someone once said: “The image too easily understood is the image too easily forgotten”.

Wurdi Tank Abstract

I am also drawn to what happens when the passage of time and the processes of nature work their transforming magic on the creations of human hands. In this process there is often a subtle and strange beauty that results…this is what Japanese culture knows as “wabi sabi”, and it intrigues and draws me in. I love rusting and decaying objects, the changes in texture and colour intrigue, amaze and inspire me.


You can see my work by appointment at my small home/studio/gallery in Winchelsea called Still Point Studio. I am open to the public during the Surf Coast Arts Trail on the second weekend of August. I also take my work to two regular markets: Aireys Inlet Market which is held on the second Sunday each month from October to June (and every Sunday in January), and the Barwon Heads Market which is held on the last Saturday of every month throughout the year, and every Saturday through December and January. I have also had a book published by the American boutique bookmaker, Blurb, and you can view or purchase it at:

Wayne's seal

Feel free to contact me or come and say hi at the next market or art trail:

Mobile: 0487 111 949





Arts Trail_OtwayLife 180x130mm PRINT











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