Meet Julie Dyer – the woman behind the arts community in Surf Coast

What brought you to this part of the world?

I moved to Torquay when the council amalgamations were happening and my husband works in local government. I was home on Education Department leave with young children.

You have been arts officer for many years – what changes have you noticed in the arts community over that time?

22 years – It has always had a rich varied talent of artists – all genres; visual, performance, music, dance, composition, lm, animation, writers and so on. My title is Arts Development Officer and the developmental aspect is very important as it is what enables the arts community to grow, develop more skills – whether it be in their chosen eld or learning to be more business capable and savvy! Over the years there have been more arts practices develop, more professional artists move in and create locally, theatre and circus companies have emerged – often evolving. The broader community has had wonderful experiences to participate and be an audience at extraordinary events and exhibitions. I extremely proud to see young adults develop their professional arts roles after seeing them.

Do you pursue your own art expression, if so what medium and inspiration ?

I am definitely an Arts administrator – who loves dabbling in the arts. I am NOT an artist but over the years have dipped my toe in theatre, wearable art, bookart – art inspired and created from books, textiles and props and set creations. I have a couple of other things I do quietly…….that may pop up in the community every now and then!

What are your hopes for the future of the arts community in the Surf Coast/Otways region?

I love to see the region bloom with the talent of the broad arts community and the bountiful opportunities for those taking their first steps into classes and exhibitions.

The music and theatre in the area is fabulous and I hope that we continue to be challenged when making a decision about what to attend!

Currently the Surf Coast Shire has increased the support of the arts not only through the Surf Coast Arts Trail held in August but also with the rental of a shop front in Anglesea. The Surf Coast Arts Space has had ongoing exhibitions and events in it since it was initially rented in October 2016. The Arts Trail and the Surf Coast Art Space can be followed up on Facebook.


Arts Trail_OtwayLife 180x130mm PRINT


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