Colac Otway Arts Trail South: 20 & 21 October North: 27 & 28 October


Feature image is a painting ‘Canola’ by Gayle Seach

Catch the bus for only $20 and join in a tour through the Otways meeting some of our local artists.

More details here:



Gayle Seach studied Art, Design and Textiles for 4 years in the 70’s at the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong, Vic. After many years working as a designer and graphic artist in Australia and the Netherlands, she now mostly paints on canvas. She often finds interesting glimpses in the landscape that ‘allude to the unspoken’ and distills these into quiet but strong images. She has developed her own techniques of applying colour and texture, producing sought after contemporary works. Gayle has exhibited in Melbourne, Apollo Bay and surrounding areas, won some awards and has over 60 works in private collections in Australia and overseas


View the interviews with other featured artists








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