Otway Life Almanac 2019

Planet Earth has completed another orbit around the Sun since our last publication and it is with great pleasure and excitement that we now present to you our Otway Life Almanac for 2019. In this issue, our 19thpublication, we continue our commitment to bringing you beautiful images and thought-provoking articles that illuminate the culture, ecology, art and spirit of this ancient land.

Ancient, special and worth protecting, the Otway Basin had its beginnings in the Jurassic Period (600 million years ago). The Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest is a plant community that dates back 140 million years to Gondwana when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Now that is ancient indeed…learn more about the Aboriginal culture that has existed here for at least 3000 generations. (Before Louttit Bayp.13)

2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Language and we encourage you to have a go at the local Wadawurrunglanguage by downloading the app (p.5) Cararcamigen, our Aboriginal Gathering Place in Colac have celebrated their first birthday, read their story on p11. We will be donating $1 for every sold printed copy of the Almanac to their Unity in Community Art Trail.


Cape Otway Conservation Ecological Centre’s mission is to protect and understand the local flora and fauna including the endangered quoll. In support of their mission we have nominated the quoll as our mascot for Otway Life Almanac 19. Look out for ‘Chuditch’ in the almanac, a delightful quoll created by Kaye Kessing. Chuditch is a feisty main character in her ‘Bilby’s Ring Trilogy’. (p.19)


In this issue we have turned up the spotlight on artists and their work – many artworks are for sale and you may also be inspired to join a local art group and find your own creative expression.

Our cities are becoming more populated and with all the hectic activity that goes along with high density living, we see an increased need for people to make a ‘getaway’ and reconnect with the natural world in order to maintain a balance in their lives.  A trip to the Otways, her coast and hinterland, offers more than stunning scenery.  If you take the time there is much benefit to your wellbeing to be derived from walking in the bush or along the coast, tasting the local produce and staying for a sleepover. Whether you call the Otways home or are visiting for first or hundredth time – this ancient land, and her more than human community, is sure to renew your spirit in these harried times.

We hope you enjoy this expanded Otway Life Almanac and find something to entertain and nourish you as our beautiful planet completes another solar orbit in 2019.

Yours in kindness

Nettie & Gill

Kindness in words creates confidence. 

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. 

Kindness in giving creates love.    Lao Tzu

Otway Life Almanac 2019 is free to read online:

Hard copy editions will be available for $10 in mid December at General Stores, Bookshops and Art Galleries in the Surf Coast and Colac Otway Shires

Otway Life Almanac is a not-for-profit publication that operates on a full cost recovery basis. Due to the rise in postage costs we no longer offer subscriptions.

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